Our Story

We are a pair of close friends who have been professional personal fitness trainers for several years. We love fitness training and exercise. We began to grow increasingly frustrated with expensive gym contracts and overcrowded gyms and discovered that we could get the same results for our clients at home, or in their gardens, for a fraction of the price. While at the same time cutting out the stress of commuting to the gym. We found you never have to queue for the equipment at home! 



We are passionate about helping our clients become as fit, healthy and happy as possible and through our experience of working with hundreds of clients we have found that while a lot of exercise can be done without any equipment there are certain unique pieces of equipment that can speed up the results and provide great benefit. The focus of our brand is to showcase these unique products.



We also believe that there is not enough focus paid to posture and recovery, we have seen in our clients that everybody wants to speedily get stronger and fitter but they are less interested in keeping their body healthy and balanced in the process. For this reason, we do try to incorporate posture and recovery into everything we do, we have great product ranges for both important aspects of fitness. We believe that you don’t always need to work hard on posture and recovery but that you can work smart to aid your body without too much effort, for example wearing our posture belt well offset the time spent sitting at your laptop. Please see our blog for articles about this and other fitness tips.




We believe in finding unique health and fitness products that do not cost the earth like some of today's bigger named brands. To find the hidden gems you must spend the time searching! We have spent many hours searching, so you do not have too. We have then tested them ourselves with our clients to ensure they work. Our many years of personal training experience has helped us to find these items.



We want to create a one stop place for everything health & fitness. Xercive™ products are selected carefully as they need to help us with our fitness and provide value for money. 



We carry a range of up and coming brand names in our store we like to partner with and champion small companies that have great health products to offer. We carefully select the companies we stock and only the absolute best new companies make the cut.



We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see every day, each fitness product helps you stay active and motivated. We hope they will inspire you too.