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Founded by two personal trainers with a single mission, to bring you the fitness equipment that gets results. Xercive is home to fitness innovation. We stock high quality training equipment designed to boost your fitness. Discover our story and meet the people that make our brand what it is.

What Our Customer's Say

Good quality, it is very useful to relieve muscle soreness. It is very effective after sitting for a long time. 

Macauly Lowe, May 2020

I found that the battery life is very long. It has been used for a while without charging. It works very well and I like it very much.

Chelsey Tanner, May 2020

The product is excellent! Everything corresponds to the description. The massager is super.

Ollie Sanderson, Mar 2020

It arrived perfectly, just like the description, good material, adjustable and correct size, easy to adjust the bands to the fullest and after I put it tight, I put on my sleeves directly, Like it's a shirt on from the head and fine. In addition and the most important thing is that it performs its function of restoring the relaxed shoulder posture and straight back, from the dorsal (shoulder plate, clavicle, shoulders, etc). 

Johnathon Nguyen, Nov 2019

Very fast shipping. Works great and helps when I have a headache. Thank you for a great product and an unbeatable price. 

Madeleine Macfarlane, Mar 2020